The Extraction Technician is responsible for
producing cannabis oil/extract through various extraction techniques and processes. They are expected
to have a firm understanding of chemical principals that are being applied during processing. They are
also expected to record essential processing information during production and report the information
electronically on each batch that is processed. Making hands on decisions will surround the following
principles: Safety, Quality, Delivery and Productivity.
Essential Job Functions:
• Organizing and preparing product for distillation.
• Ability to complete required paperwork accurately and consistently.
• Lifting 40+ lbs.
• Maintaining compliance.
• Attention to detail.
• Very reliable.
• Ability to work independently.
• Additional Duties as assigned.
• Must be able to pass a background check, no Felonies.
• Company offers benefits after 90 days of FT employment.
• Perform various production procedures.
• Grinding raw plant material.
• Terpene & Crude oil extraction and collection.
• When needed, perform refining and distillation procedures.
• Must be fluent in extraction, refining, and distillation.
• Record and report various production measurements onto physical batch records, and transfer
measurements into electronic logs and tracking software.
• Record and report any production, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and calibration
operations performed in equipment logbooks.
• Report any variation or deviation from expected values for process times, yields, and any other
defined product characteristics throughout the production process to management.
• Assist in proposing changes to documentation or production processes to improve safety (from a
consumer and laboratory staff viewpoint), improve product quality and production efficiencies, and
to reduce delivery time and product failures.
• Assist and log the disposal of all waste materials.
• Must be fluent in BHO, Ethanol, and cold water/rosin hash extraction.
• Other duties as assigned.
Experience and Education:
• 1(+) year Distillation experience (short path, thin film, simple distillation).
• 1(+) year of filtering experience.
• 1(+) year of solvent removal experience (Rotovap, reactor, or similar).
• Requires a degree in Chemistry or relative field.
• Ideally has at least 2 or more years of experience as a lead or manager in a professional
cannabis extraction production environment.
• Has precursory knowledge in the operation of cannabis extraction equipment.
• Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within the oil processing
• Has experience following instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform critical job

Skills and Attributes:
• Is mechanically inclined; able to find and diagnose mechanical issues with industrial equipment.
• Maintains a positive “can do” attitude in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.
• Able to adjust to change quickly.
• Able to contribute positively to conversations about process improvement.
• Demonstrates high level attention to detail.
• Demonstrates extremely strong organizational skills.
• Has the ability to work with other team members as well as by oneself.

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